Hello world!

Is there any better option to start an informatics blog than a “Hello World!”? If you know something about programming you would know what is it about. If not, a “Hello World” seems like another way to just say hello… but it is not.

“Hello World” is the first thing that someone who is learning informatics learns. When you are reading that big book called “Learn C language in few steps” the first you find in it is how to make a program that, when executing, show you a screen which contains:


That is it. The computer is there and you have teached it to say hello, say hello to the world.

Then, is there any better way to start than saying “Hello World!”? Well, maybe something more personalized (sorry for the spanish sentence, it is the way my computer is configured):

Hello World

And after this, my presentation:

I am Ruben Rodriguez, a computer engineering student at the “Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática”, which is part of the University of Seville, Spain. I like videogames, comics and also new technologies.

I am also an amateur magician. I love seeing how people freak out when they see a magic trick and they don’t know what happen. Although they deny, at that moment, they go back to their childhood and think that impossible is possible, forgetting about their problems for a moment…. And also I like more to see how children smile and freak out when they see a magic trick and they think that magic is real… But why is not going to exist? Just need to belive.

I will upload this english section of my blog with things related to computer science, just search or look for random stuff. Welcome to my blog!

Bye world to close the post

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